Spiritual Leadership

The Spirit of Future Leadership

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Spiritual Leadership

Heroic leaders preparing for tomorrow’s challenges

Brought to you by the Jesuit College of Spirituality and AltusQ Business Coaching

Senior leaders of faith-based organisations are invited to join this elite group program being offered from May to November 2017, at two locations, Melbourne and Sydney.

Every leader, and every organisation, has a deep story that their true mission is embedded within. Designed to be a place where leaders can experience liberation from ‘the past’, this program will equip participants to lead today for a better tomorrow. Through a unique collaboration of expert facilitators, this program combines:

  • Ignatian practices for personal growth and leadership effectiveness
  • Recent research into neuroscience and human behaviour
  • Coaching techniques for leading creatively through meaning, energy and action
  • The Leadership Circle (TLC) Profile assessment and debriefing
  • A peer community of dedicated partners in leadership development

For leaders in education, health and social services, faith communities, and social enterprises, this is an opportunity to discover new strategies for engaging large-scale, dispersed and mobile, paid and voluntary personnel and stakeholder relationships. Participants will explore how to attain mastery in influencing others when ‘hopelessness’ or ‘overwhelm’ is reported by workers as the experience at the coal-face.

Engaging a workforce in positive change can take its toll on every leader’s well-being. In this program we maintain a balanced focus on both the personal and the organisational needs that each participant brings.

“A leader’s most compelling leadership tool is who he or she is: a person who understands what he or she values and wants, who is anchored by certain principles, and who faces the world with a consistent outlook. Leadership behaviour develops naturally once this internal foundation has been laid. If it hasn’t been, mere technique can never compensate. Heroic Leadership …. Chris Lowney.

“Clearly there is a need to cater for leaders who are in entrepreneurial and commercial organisations and who want to be more apostolic” ….. Michael Smith SJ.

“The leader must be a bridge between the city and the church, i.e., build a bridge between the business community and the spiritual community by merging the leading principles from each domain” ….. Phil Pringle.

“Leadership requires wisdom, self-knowledge and character development at psychological and spiritual levels. Mastery of leadership requires that we work at these depths and develop mature conscious awareness” …. Bob Anderson.

Program sessions:   7 x half days (1:00pm to 5:00pm) over 7 months; TLC assessment with 2 x individual debrief sessions, and; 6 x peer meetings.

Melbourne dates:   25 May, 22 June, 20 July, 17 August, 21 September, 19 October, 16 November

Sydney dates:            25 May, 28 June, 7 August, 31 August, 21 September, 16 October, 16 November

Investment:                $8,540 + GST, including lunch prior to each half-day session.

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