Creating leaders for the 21st Century

In business everything eventually boils down to a question of leadership. Almost any problem can be turned around by strong leadership – but conversely even the best business will inevitably fail, sooner rather than later, if its leaders fail.

AltusQ offer a range of programs aimed at developing and supporting confident, resilient and creative leaders.

Coaching skills for Leaders

We believe that coaching skills are an essential part of any great leader’s toolkit. They are very much a skill set that can be learned  so there is a lot to be gained from providing coaching skills training to aspiring leaders in any organisation.

Unfortunately many leadership training programs amount to little more than expensive “daycare” for middle management, largely because they try to impart theory more than practice.

EMCC EQA logo black 300AltusQ offers coaching skills training that blends classroom work with field work, all actively supervised, one-to-one, by supervisor/mentors who are themselves highly experienced coaches. We hold a European Quality Award conferred by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) for our Coaching Skills program.

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QLead is a program designed to develop and advance leaders in their careers. It highlights personal responsibility and heightened self-awareness to embed the cornerstone leadership principles required to transition from managerial to leadership roles.

Beginning with the foundation principle of ”It starts with me…” each module reinforces the message that a leader is a creator and determiner of their own destiny, that of their team, and of the entire organisation. The storyline approach engenders personal responsibility throughout the entire program.

All modules leverage a coaching based approach that blends the theoretical with practical, ‘real world’ skills, delivered in an engaging and experiential learning environment.

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One on One Executive Coaching

Sometimes the most effective support a leader can have is an attentive, independent and unbiased listener – particularly if that listener is someone with deep and broad experience of the challenges faced by senior executives. Many AltusQ coaches are highly experienced executive coaches, skilled in the art of being simultaneously supportive and challenging.

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Our QWomen program recognises the fact that, unfortunately, women still face unique career barriers in business. It can particularly benefit:

  • Female managers with a skill gap or who want to improve management/leadership skills
  • Organisations who want to increase their talent pipeline for those women moving from management to leadership
  • Women identified through talent programs or succession plans
  • Women currently in team management or supervisory roles (1 to 10 years management experience recommended).

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