Joe Porteus: Managing Partner

AltusQ Coach, Featured Coach 4, Joe Porteus, Sydney

Joe Porteus

Focus: Creating, extending and sustaining powerful sales and distribution channels. Helping organisations to benefit from the power of alliance networks. Sometimes known as, “the channel whisperer”.

Background: Joe has been coaching with AltusQ since 2002. In his earlier career he worked in London and Singapore in banking IT, technology sales and channels management roles.

Based in: Sydney

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What people say:

“My regular sessions with Joe always delivered more than I expected. He struck the right balance between showing a proper understanding of me & my business on the one hand, and taking the helicopter view on the other. Whenever I was mired in analysis-paralysis, he would pull me out of it with his unique brand of good humour, ease & purpose.  Were it not for Joe, I would not have made a full commitment to pursuing my entrepreneurial vision. And the value of the advice & support I’ve received from him since then has been immeasurable.  I recommend Joe highly to any entrepreneur or CEO who wants an objective & engaged advisor & confidante: someone who will challenge their assumptions constructively & help spur their business to the next level. And then the one beyond that.”

Andrew Simms, Founder & CEO, Tagmotion