Dean Mason: Coach

AltusQ Coach, Dean Mason, Featured coach 3, Melbourne

Dean Mason

Focus: The light of leadership; helping leaders ‘get it’. We all ‘know’ at some deep level what it is we need to do. Dean coaches and facilitates with a passion for growing the capability of individuals and executive teams to let their own light shine – on what needs to be done and how to make it happen.

Background: Dean has over 13 years experience in designing and facilitating organisational development and business transformation programs for several hundred organisations across the Education, Finance, Government, Manufacturing and Media sectors. Growing individual and organisational capabilities for strategic thinking, leadership development, team performance and the management of change programs, Dean has a broad body of experience to draw from. Prior to working as a facilitator and coach, he held several national management positions in the retail and distribution sectors where he achieved considerable success as a manager of people and of commercial ventures. An Arts/Commerce graduate of the University of Melbourne, Dean is an AltusQ certified coach, The Leadership Circle certified, a facilitator in Systems Dynamics, and a martial arts instructor.

Based in: Melbourne

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EMCC EQA logo black 300Dean has completed the AltusQ Foundation Level Coaching Skills Program, a course that holds a European Quality Award conferred by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

What people say:

Dean possesses an almost uncanny insight into the human condition. His ability to relate to, present key ideas and bring strategic focus to almost any business or interpersonal environment is something quite extraordinary and rare.

Laurence, Services Coordinator, NFP

Each time I come out of Dean’s meetings or workshops, I feel inspired, encouraged and more confident to find the strengths out of myself, thanks to his empathetic and wellbeing centric approach, his active listening skills, adaptive communication skills and his facilitative process of helping me find who I really am.

Max, Senior Consultant, IT industry

I’m really impressed by Dean’s vibrant, engaged but balanced way of approaching professional challenges. His impeccable human skills create a good ground to facilitate a process of positive changes in organisations.

Hania, Clinical Psychologist